Alpha Markets aims to develop successful Leaders within the Trading Community.


About alpha markets

Alpha Markets is the brainchild of recognised 'leader' of the pack- Jason Noah. Jason has been where young traders often find themselves and can offer realistic insights into embarking on their journey toward financial freedom. Developed as a platform to empower young entrepreneurs to reach their goals and become leaders of their own packs, Alpha Markets seeks to leverage networks across Africa to make this a reality whilst focusing on continual learning.

The OG

Who is Jason Noah?

Jason has worked his way through the trading ranks and established himself as an esteemed thought leader & mentor in the industry. He is deeply passionate about mentorship and guiding aspiring traders to become leaders of the pack in their own right by pioneering their own success. Alpha Markets is the product of his vision to share the knowledge and experiences of his own journey to success with aspiring and established
traders alike.


What makes Alpha Markets different?

Unmatched experience

Jason Noah cuts through the noise with his valuable trading insights & lessons, packaged simply for the new generation of 'Pack Leaders'

Seamless Payment Gateways

Alpha Markets has partnered with high-tech platforms to ensure you have variety and excellence with every transaction.

Account types for you

Choose from our tailored offerings, designed to meet your Trading requirements

spreads as low as 0.0 pips

Choose from our tailored offerings, designed to meet your Trading requirements

HOW TO Trade

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Choose your trading experience with one of our forex or crypto trading accounts. Your account will remain active until you tell us to close it.


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After opening your account, our customer service team will ask you to verify your email. Your account will be activated after it is verified. 


Start your pack

Your account is now live and active. It's time to make your first deposit with a debit or credit card or alternatively via any of our other available payment options.

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